kind words

Darcy: "Susan went beyond and beyond on our wedding day, and our guests raved about her! Many of them said how amazing she was personally and professionally. Several mentioned how friendly and genuine she was and wanted to know more about her. I have never once thought to compliment someone on their choice of photographer, but I got compliment after compliment for choosing Susan. She took what came her way, accepted the unexpected and made us feel confident that she would capture the love and excitement we were feeling and the moments we missed." 

Annalese & David: "There aren't words to describe how amazing Susan is. Between the quality of her work, her insight into the execution of a wedding, her attention to detail, and just being an awesome person to be around we could not have asked for anything more."

Tifany: "Susan was absolutely perfect at our wedding. Her bright, energetic attitude made the photography sessions fun and authentic. Her ability to work with large groups and keep everyone's attention helped us quickly get all the photographs we wanted. Her attention to detail and her calm, assertive guidance gave us confidence that we were going to look our best in the pictures. However, as much as we loved Susan on the day of our wedding, it was the day we received the photographs that we found ourselves saying "I love it" over and over again. Our wedding lasted only a few short hours, but the moments Susan caught will last forever."

Krystal: "Susan is an all-around incredible person. Something that I love about Susan is her genuine kindness. She is so willing to give back, and I love that she donates a portion of her commission to a charity. You don't pay extra, but it made me and my husband feel incredibly special that we were helping out a charity, of our choosing, on our special day. I would highly recommend Susan!"

Shanae: "From the moment I met with Susan, I knew I needed her to be my photographer. She is professional but also helps you feel at ease. You can tell that she cares about what she does by her work and how she works with you. Everyone at my wedding was impressed with her and that was before they saw how amazing the pictures turned out. I am excited for another big life event to come up so I can book her again!"

Dave: "It was a pleasure to work with Susan as our wedding photographer. From the get go it was obvious that she is passionate about photography, and creating a great photographic experience for her clients. We were excited to have someone who was organized without being overbearing when it came to getting the photos done prior to the ceremony. Not having been through the whole marriage thing before we were glad to have an experienced photographer directing the shots and helping to make the event a success."