Justyne + Charlie. New House!!

Can we talk for a second about homes? Not houses, homes.

I’m constantly tinkering around our house, moving plants from one light source to another, adding a new garage sale trinket to a shelf, and leveling the picture frames that settle with the house. I love creating a space that both captures who we are and inspires us to do and be more. Maybe it’s really cheesy, but I really believe in energy and creating spaces for foster positive energy.

When Justyne contacted me about a shoot to celebrate the purchase of their first home, I was expecting to show up to a somewhat empty house and fill all the empty space in my images with cozy cuddles. But as I walked through the front door, I felt like I was walking into a home with years of memories, years of making coffee together, and years of house projects. The feeling was so warm and inviting.

And that’s the point. It has nothing to do with where you live, if your carpet has recently been cleaned, or if you’re missing a few knobs on your kitchen cabinets. It has everything to do with the connection you share with the people in your house that makes it feel like a home. It’s that connection that creates the positive energy, and it’s undeniable. Thank you, Justyne and Charlie, for opening your home to me – it was a lovely space to spend a morning.

Erika and her loves.

Erika can be a bit of a mystery. Ya know the kind – she’s witty and the life of the party, yet so grounded, honest, and a home body. You feel lucky to even know her let alone hang out with her, and after talking with her for only a few short minutes, you’re already thinking about the next time. Her personality and aura are so contagious – you never knew how funny and care free you could be until you spent some time with this homegirl. So you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to take some pictures of her with her two partners, her two loves.

Highwood Mountains Formal Session. Montana.

Formal sessions, my friends. I love them and wish them upon every single one of my wedding clients. The perfect lighting, weather, time, and location. Plus, less stress and more time celebrating with your family and friends on your wedding day.

Chafaye and Cole were married in Great Falls, but they really wanted pictures taken on their family property up in the Highwood mountains. Without a formal session, it just wouldn’t have been possible on their wedding day. This is the property Cole grew up visiting with his family, and now they have dreams of making these same trips with their own family. It just makes me so happy that they have wedding photos in a location that means so much to them.

CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0010.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0008.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0003.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0005.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0004.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0007.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0011.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0002.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0001.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0006.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0009.jpg

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Droskoski’s Lifestyle Session. Bozeman, Montana

I have no problem leaving my house at 4:30 am to photograph adorable families vacationing in Montana. This session at the Big Yellow Barn in Bozeman created the perfect setting for this east cost family. Open fields, mountain landscape, big yellow barn… ahhhh… room to grow. I’m just thrilled I could capture their Monana moment for them.

Jamie and Shawn are expecting twins this fall (!!!), so it was important to them that this moment with their first be captured. There was so much love all around. Playing, parenting, entertaining, and lots of squishy-faced kisses. Come back and visit us soon, Droskoski family!

KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0078.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0073.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0090.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0092.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0084.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0079.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0086.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0091.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0074.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0088.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0089.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0093.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0076.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0083.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0075.jpgKR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0080.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0081.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0085.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0077.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0087.jpg



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Kim + Ryan. Bozeman, Montana Backyard Wedding.

Kim and Ryan exchanged their vows in the back yard of Ryan’s parents’ beautiful Bozeman residence. I LOVE backyard weddings for so many reasons, and this beautiful wedding will shows you all of them. Charm, comfort, laid back feel… And just about any Montana wedding is sure to have beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly guests, and of course hand crafted beers. Kim and Ryan’s love for beer was a big part of their relationship. Going out for a beer always led to hours of conversation, and they wanted to incorporate the same feel for their wedding. With their very own beer bar featuring three of their favorite microbrews on tap, hops for boutonnieres, old beer bottles for table decorations, and custom beer cups gifted to guests, Kim and Ryan’s beer-inspired wedding not only encouraged conversation and party vibes but led to hours of dancing and celebrating. It was so fun hanging out with these two throughout their big day. They’re so kind and genuine and just a perfect fit.
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0001.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0006.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0008.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0007.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0010.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0009.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0002.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0003.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0004.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0005.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0011.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0012.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0013.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0014.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0015.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0016.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0017.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0019.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0018.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0020.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0021.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0022.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0024.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0023.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0026.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0027.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0025.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0028.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0031.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0029.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0030.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0033.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0032.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0036.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0034.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0038.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0035.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0037.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0039.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0043.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0040.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0041.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0042.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0045.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0044.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0046.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0048.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0047.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0050.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0049.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0051.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0054.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0053.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0057.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0055.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0056.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0060.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0052.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0058.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0061.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0059.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0062.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0063.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0064.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0069.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0068.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0067.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0065.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0071.jpg
KR_Montana Weddomg Photographer_0072.jpg