Highwood Mountains Formal Session. Montana.

Formal sessions, my friends. I love them and wish them upon every single one of my wedding clients. The perfect lighting, weather, time, and location. Plus, less stress and more time celebrating with your family and friends on your wedding day.

Chafaye and Cole were married in Great Falls, but they really wanted pictures taken on their family property up in the Highwood mountains. Without a formal session, it just wouldn’t have been possible on their wedding day. This is the property Cole grew up visiting with his family, and now they have dreams of making these same trips with their own family. It just makes me so happy that they have wedding photos in a location that means so much to them.

CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0010.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0008.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0003.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0005.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0004.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0007.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0011.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0002.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0001.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0006.jpg
CC_Montana Wedding Photographer_0009.jpg

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