Montana Summers: A Lifestyle Session

Montana summers are too good to be true. I moved here in the month of November and quickly had to reset my romantic expectations of the wild west, but it all made sense when spring began to blossom and the summer sun replenished my Vitamin D. Montana summers are why people live here. I’ve since come to appreciate the winter for all its beauty and wonder, but I’ll take a Montana summer with its big blue sky any day of the year. I love it when my clients want to have their photo taken with the people they love, no matter their relationship status. I know some couples feel weird doing a session if they aren’t engaged or married, but I can’t understand why. Lifestyle sessions are about capturing your everyday happiness, and why shouldn’t your life before marriage be included in this? Shelley was leaving for college and wanted to have some photos she could admire while toughing out a long distance relationship.

p.s. Shelly and Jerry are now married!!