Michaela & Matt. Slattery Vintage Estates. Lincoln, Nebraska.

There is so much to say about Matt and Michaela’s beautiful wedding, but I’d rather talk about them. I first met Matt when my husband and I stole his spot on a shuttle to our hotel upon our arrival to Peace Corps staging in Philadelphia in 2010. I’m so glad he didn’t hold it against me because he and I ended up being placed in the same training village once we arrived in Moldova. There’s something about being placed in a completely foreign land that automatically brings you close to others who are in your same situation. More so than any other time of my life, I felt an immediate connection with all the Peace Corps Moldova volunteers in my same group. It’s like a family – you didn’t choose them, but you’d do anything for them. Anyway, Matt and I became great friends – I always said he was my second favorite Peace Corps Volunteer – of course Curt was my first favorite. We helped each other get through long, boring mandatory trainings, and he even visited my village on a couple of occasions to help with health projects. You know how you feel like it’s your business who somebody you care about is dating even though it’s not? Well I got to meet Michaela a few times in Moldova on her vacations from Spain where she was working, and I distinctly remember my first impression of her was, “She’s quality.” As our close of service approached, I wondered who I would cross paths with in the future. I had no doubt that I would see Matt and Michaela again at some point. I was ecstatic to be asked to photograph their wedding. They are beautiful people who care about the world. They are so good to each other and a perfect match. And they threw the best party at a little vineyard in Nehawak, Nebraska for their wonderful friends and families. I wish you all the best, Matt and Michaela! Noroc!

Matt and Michaela chose to donate to the Peace Corps Moldova Country Fund. Thanks for loving the world!

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